Another Fiction Tour by @DrewHutton1 #CSG

Another tour of no consequence

@GreensJeremy If you hate gas why are you smiling? #csg

These Greenies are strange. They hate gas and tell us so all the time. When it comes to standing in front of a gas well or gas facility they just love to smile!

We’re a happy little green team!


Did @GreensJeremy illegally enter a gas holding pond in the US? #CSG #fracktour

Did Jeremy Buckingham illegally break and enter a fenced off water pond? Allegedly from these photographs one can wonder.

Notice his team have taken a photo of him from outside the fence then inside the fence. Jeremy must come forward and explain.

Clearly a restrictive fence to prevent people from entering.

behind the fence – How did they gain access?

and it’s all here on his site

Tyre change




@GreensJeremy misleads again! tweet of the day #csg

Whats wrong with this picture? We’ll give you a clue. There’s no gas in it.

@GreensJeremy alludes to EPA conspiracy “dodgy decision by politicised EPA” #CSG


What is Jeremy Buckingham trying to say here? That it’s some sort of conspiracy? Shameful!


For more on the USA’s EPA fracturing reports see here

Buckingham to meet with Senator endorsed by Weiner #CSG #fracktour

Drew Hutton and Jeremy Buckingham are meeting in NY with Senator Avella. Avella was controversially endorsed by Congressman Weiner during Weiners public battle over his affairs. Here is a video only days before the Congressman resigned.

Senator Avella recently wrote a a stroppy letter to Mayor Bloomberg telling him that he is ‘obnoxious’ for not listening to residents of NY over Tree pruning issues. (Connecting the dots?)

and here is video of Congressman Weiner

Remember when Drew was smiling in front of a gas pipeline? #csg

Remember when Drew was smiling in front of a gas pipeline? #csg

Drew – if CSG is so dangerous and harmful to your health, why are you standing smiling next to a well and not dressed like this:

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